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NO MORE accessories

NO MORE is an urban jewelry brand that was created out of passion for crafting in trend jewelry pieces at fair prices. Creators said NO MORE to mass production, heartless service and luxury exclusivity and are committed to you to create great designs at affordable prices with exceptional service. NO MORE believes jewelry should be as bold and unique as you - so stack up and rock it!


Nassos Louizos


Born and raised in Athens, Greece. He studied photography and collage, but found his passion for fashion and decided that this was something he was really interested in. He worked for a few years in the fashion industry, for well known brands. In 2011 he made his dream come true, launching his first collection with hand made t-shirts. In 2013 he introduced an innovative collection of clothes without seams, tangling different fabrics, materials and textures without using any industrial equipment. He drawn inspiration from a Chinese saying: “Clothes in paradise have no seams”. In 2016 gave his clothes a new silhouette. Experimenting with volumes, asymmetrical and sack – backed dresses. Hand made prints and logos, inspired by his vitiligo, with innovative and bold fabrics and materials. He sees his fashion as an additional layer of his comprehensive attitude toward life. He believes that the future belongs to those who know where they belong and calls it divergent. 

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